For our belated 7th anniversary, we impulsively (that very morning) decided to take a day trip to Poulsbo. I had never been before and Jenn hadn't been for a decade, so it was a good time to go.

The skies were hazy but it was warm, but nicely breezy. We took the Edmonds-Kingston ferry and arrived in town around noon. Immediately the photo-taking opportunities were obvious. Lots of neatly arranged sailboats, random stacks of colorful kayaks and even a Great Blue Heron. We sandwiched some shopping in between phototaking, taking our time enjoying a day without the kids.

I'm pretty happy with the photos over all, however I do wish that on a lot of the photos I shot at f/8 rather than f/4. There was more depth-of-field than I realized on some of the shots.