Photos from 2005


January 5
Frosted Window Panes.. Reflex...

January 16
Monster Jam!

January 20
Anti-inaugural Protests

January 25
Perfect Fog

February 2
Kerry Park Sunset

February 4
Waterfront Perfect Hour

February 5
Red Needle

February 8
Morning at the Cut

February 10
Toe Truck Salute

March 6
Longview, Mt. St. Helens

March 10
WaMu Glory, Downtown

March 12
Cherry Blossoms, Wooden Boats, Butterflies

March 22
Olympics in snow, ferries

March 28
Screwing around

April 1
Pike Place Market

April 3

Apri l7
Experiments with a digital pinhole

April 8
Steel workers

April 13

April 18
The Moon and Jupiter

April 22
Long Beach: Lightning, Moonlight and Clamming

May 10
B/W downtown

May 19
Testing the d30

May 22
Reverse macro tests

May 24
Reverse macro take two

May 25
Seattle downtown shots, library reflex

May 26
Pike Place and Downtown

May 27
Volunteeer Park Conservatory Macros

May 30
One shot

May 31

June 4
B-17 Visit

June 9
Elliot Bay Water Taxi

June 19
Alpenglow on Three Fingers

June 20
Prime Minister of Vietnams Motorcade

June 28
Pike Place

July 7
Just out and about

July 9
Arlington Fly-in

July 11
Billy Idol Concert

July 12
Elliot Bay Water Taxi

July 17
Longview Daytrip, Flowers

July 24
Floral Macros

August 4
Blue Angels over Seattle

August 29
Water Taxi, Seattle Waterfront

August 31
Water Taxi, Seattle Waterfront

September 16
Northern Lights Bust

September 17

October 1
Fall Colors in Maltby

October 8
Spawning Salmon

October 24
Pike Place Market Stock

November 1
Pike Place Sunset

November 2

November 7
Seattle Waterfrom in the Fall

November 8
Seattle walk

November 19
Fog, Soccer and the Snohomish Valley

November 23
Sunset, Waterfront

November 28
The Wreck of the Monorails

December 1
Snow downtown

December 28
Chinatown with the 50mm

December 29
Pioneer Square Panoramas

December 31
Brilliant Beetle