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January 2
Pike Place Morning
January 9
Seattle morning from Yesler
January 18
Seattle at night
January 19
Volunteer Park
January 27
A different angle on downtown
January 30
Pike Place Market
February 4
Pike Place Evening
February 10
Perfect Sunset, Pier 62
February 13
Smith Tower Observation Deck
February 18
Admiralty Way Viewpoint
February 20
Pike Place MarketM
February 27
Misc photos
March 3
Seattle Center
March 4
March 8
Seattle Waterfront
March 9
More demolition
March 11
Pike Place Market
March 13
Museum of Flight, Sea-tac and Alki, oh my!
March 19
Seattle Waterfront
March 21
UofW Cherry Blossoms
March 22
First Ave
March 24
Pike Place Market
March 25
Moody, rainy day
March 26
Seattle Waterfront
March 29
Admiralty Way Viewpoint
March 31
Westlake, Pike Place Market
April 1
Fisherman's Terminal
April 2
Westlake Plaza
April 3
Trying to see Three Fingers
April 5
People watching
April 9
Fishermen's Terminal, redux
April 26
April 28
Lake Union cut, Neon
April 29
Seattle Yacht Club
April 30
Snohomish Morning
May 6
Water taxi
May 8
Tent City stuff
May 9
Bald eagles in neighborhood
May 11
Tent city picketing and meeting
May 14
Weird property for sale
May 17
May 18
Sunnier day on the Water Taxi
May 24
Not much
June 2
Seattle Public Library, Seattle masonry
June 8
Around Seattle
June 15
St. James Cathedral
June 16
Thunderhead Sunset, Best. Lightning. Ever.
Leavenworth area, Deception Falls
July 2
Pike Place Market
July 4
Fourth of July
July 12
Long Beach
July 25
Some flowers
August 5
Seafair ships, Blue Angels
August 29
Bothell Riverdays
August 30
October 24
Spawning salmon
October 27
Lunar Eclipse, Volunteer Park
November 7
Police Action downtown
November 19
A walk along the waterfront
November 28
Bellevue Botanical Garden lights
December 9
Bike locks
December 17
Downtown at night
December 23 2004

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